“The CREA participates in an investigation to evaluate a new Alzheimer’s screening method.”

We are pleased to announce our participation in an innovative project featured in CREA. Below is the text of the publication:

Biocross has initiated a study to evaluate the quantification of Apolipoprotein E4 (ApoE4) as a risk marker for Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular diseases, and type II diabetes mellitus.

In this project, which involves collaboration between various Spanish and Mexican institutions, Biocross has provided the Imserso reference center with a turbidity analyzer laboratory equipment for the study’s development.

This research opens up the possibility of a simple and inexpensive screening method to adequately identify and stratify healthy individuals who are more susceptible to early-onset dementia.

El CREA participa en una investigación para evaluar un nuevo método de cribado de alzhéimer“, Imserso, 20/6/2024.